Activites to work on now

The Woodland Festival is all about celebrating our wonderful woodland and you'll be able to get busy making things on the day in one of our creative group activities, but we are also running some other activities that will need some preparation and work beforehand.


Does Lesnes Abbey or its woods inspire you to put pen to paper and write down how they make you feel?

If so, why not enter our poetry competition? There are prizes and we hope to publish the best poems in an anthology later in the year.


The newly formed Lesnes Abbey art club gives you an opportunity to grow and develop your artistic skills, so why not try it out.

The best works will be displayed at the Festival and 


With music, dancing and fun walks around the woods, why not make it even better by dressing  up for the occasion and joining our procession.

Woodland themes, of course, but from Robin Hood to monks, elves and pixies, there's plenty of scope!