Richard de Luci

An entertaining tale of Lesnes Abbey's relationship to the greatest mediaeval scandal of its time.

Presented in an informal and amusing style that is informative and entertaining for all ages, this is the story of Richard de Luci, the founder of Lesnes Abbey and how he was implicated in, and affected by, the infamous murder of Thomas Becket during the reign of Henry II.

Georgia Power has done extensive research into both the history of Richard de Luci and Lesnes Abbey and this is a chance to hear her relate his story in a personal and moving way while gaining an insight into the complex mix of medieval power and religion and an event that was to define the relationship between Christianity and the monarch that lasted all the way to the reign of Henry VIII.

12:00 pm she will tell her tale in the Chapter House of the abbey where the canons would have met every morning to hear the latest news from the abbot.

2:30 pm she repeat it the Monk's Garden under the Crosier, the symbol of the abbot and his power.

Please note: Children under 14 or those requiring full-time care must be accompanied by a carer during the telling of this story.